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Each one of us—without exception—is called to rise. Each one of us is whole. Each one of us—no matter who or how we are at any given time—has the ability to rise, to be our best selves. We can and need to prepare for rising, but what is less clear is how or when we rise. We have to be open and willing. It is too easy to focus on what we think rising “should” look like, as opposed to what it actually looks like for us. Sometimes it’s obvious—the football hero who throws the Hail Mary pass and wins the game; the Olympic champion; the captain of the winning team. But rising is not only the domain of the young or the healthy or the physically fit. There are different, more quiet, less apparent ways to rise. Rising doesn’t always happen in the spotlight or to applause. Not everyone is fit as a fiddle, but everyone can rise, and in so doing, help others rise. It has been said that we rise by lifting others with us. We are all called to rise—in different ways and at different times. Be alert. Be open. Await your moment...and go with it.

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