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Specialized Training & Certifications

Liberty University MA: Human Services Counseling: Life Coaching
Board of Christian Life Coaching Certification
Liberty University BS: Psychology & Christian Counseling
International Christian Coaching Institute Membership
ICCI certification Christian Life Coaching Building a Foundation for Biblical Integration
Prepare Enrich Certified Facilitator
SYMBIS Facilitator
PESI certificate-10 principles effective couples counseling
PESI certificate creating secure connection in couples
PESI certificate healing toxic injuries in love relationships
PESI Breakthrough Results with Difficult Men
PESI certificate love intimacy and modern relationships
AACC certificate attachment and communication
PESI certificate attachment and the dance of sex
PESI Certificate-Sex, Desire, & Attachment
PESI certificate how to work on sex and intimacy with men
AACC certificate sexual addiction
Ministry Safe Certificate
PESI certificate learning from affairs rethinking infidelity
PESI certificate treating affairs and trauma
PESI certificate couples therapy treating trauma
Light University Foundations and Applications of Trauma informed Care
PESI the body keeps the score: trauma and healing
PESI Certificate - Body Carries Racialized Trauma
PESI certificate clinical application of polyvagal theory
PESI certificate polyvagal informed trauma assessment and intervention
PESI Certificate - Neurofeedback-nuerotherapies-heal-trauma-addictions
PESI certificate addiction treatment couples counseling
PESI Certificate - Trauma Timeline
PESI Certificate Helping Make the Unbearable Tolerable Trauma and the Treatment of Addictions
PESI Certificate - Techniques-Creatively-Compassionately-Addressing
PESI certificate Solution Focused Brief Therapy
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