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I have narcissistic, dysfunctional relatives. I've been through abuse and trauma. Angela provides phenomenal insights and perspectives I haven't found elsewhere. She does an outstanding job calibrating her responses: she knows when to push me and when to just listen. Her nuanced yet varied approaches are exactly what I need to navigate both past challenges and ongoing sagas. I couldn't be more grateful for her wisdom and caring. - MB

I have an adopted teenage son who is working through some past traumas. I have tried numerous counselors; male ones, adopted ones, male/adopted ones and although it was still good for him, I could tell he wasn't really working through issues. I was reluctant to use a female; just b/c of having a teenage son, but it was the BEST decision. After just one session, he came out a different child. He feels heard, understood and he TRUST Angela. She has taught him so many coping skills, helped him look inside himself and how to talk to us, his parents, and try and help us help him. Angela has truly been life changing for our son. Here are his words: "She is easy to talk to," "I don't feel judged," "She helps me understand things about myself that I didn't know." - AC

You know how when someone is really sick and they keep looking for an answer but everywhere they look no doctor has an answer, and the health deteriorates and frustration and hopelessness set in then out of the blue they were able to find a right doctor and thus found the exact answer they've been searching for! That is how I feel about you and your service. Although I know it was God who led me here. I thank God for you and what you are doing to help me and my family in the process. - DN

We learned of an abuse situation in which my daughter had been harmed. I quickly looked for someone who would not only help my daughter understand what took place but also help her heal and have a future outside of her abuse. Angela is AMAZING! She works with the whole child which oftentimes includes the family. Angela's knowledge and wisdom, her kindness, and her persistence with patience are what have allowed my daughter to transition well to a top university and pursue a future in law. She has truly taken a horrific situation and allowed us to find hope in it. I can't recommend Angela more!! - JB

I hope this is worth more than its weight in words but I could not have made this progress without your guidance and personal experience. I could barely explain the situation in the beginning and now I can fully understand and recognize these red flags. I was so confused I could not even think straight but now I feel mentally stronger and happier despite the situation. There are no words that can clearly portray my gratitude!!! Thank you so much Angela!!! - RD

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