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All suggested resources have been personally used by Angela or have been endorsed by trusted sources. If you choose to purchase items by clicking the links on this page, Called2Rise LLC receives a small commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you.

Image by Chris Haws

Anxiety & Stress Reduction Tools

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Breathwrk: Breathing Exercises

calm app_edited.png

Calm: Meditation & Sleep App


MindShift CBT - Anxiety Relief

David Delight Pro.jpg

David Delight Pro - Light Therapy Device for Anxiety Reduction, Meditation, Sleep, Relaxation, Improved Cognition  Depression


Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace for Anxiety

Image by Steve Carter

Recommended Reading

Arterburn Wellness Series

Alcohol or Drug Addiction.jpg
Bipolar Disorder.jpg
Borderline Personality Disorder.jpg
Nacissistic Personality Disorder.jpg
Sexual Addiction.jpg

New Life 100 Days to Freedom Devotional Series 

NL Anger.jpg
NL Depression.jpg
NL Fear & Anxiety.jpg
Winter Scenery

Blending Families & Co-Parenting

Dating & the Single Parent.jpg
Preparing to Blend.jpg
Smart Stepmom.jpg
Smart Stepdad.jpg
Smart Stepfamily Finances.jpg
Co-Parenting Works.jpg
Smart Stepfamily.jpg
Mountain Path

Marriage & Intimacy (Into-Me-See)

How We Love.jpg
Gottman 1.jpg
Gottman 2.jpg
Gottman 3.jpg

Boundaries & Codependency

Boundaries 1.jpg
Boundaries 2.jpg
Codependent No More.jpg
Stop Caretaking.jpg
Mountain Road

Trauma Recovery

Big Book.jpg
Life Recovery Devo.jpg
Complex PTSD.jpg
The Body Keeps The Score.jpg
Learning to Tell Myself the Truth.jpg
Life Recovery WB.jpg
The Body Keeps The Score WB.jpg
The Courage to Heal.jpg
Life Recovery Bible.jpg
The Courage to Heal WB.jpg

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