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Why I Chose Christian Life Coaching Over Counseling

Have you ever wondered why I chose to be a coach instead of a counselor?  Let me share a bit about my journey with you!

After training to become a licensed therapist, I realized that while therapy is incredibly valuable, my heart was drawn to a different path. That's when I decided to pursue Christian life coaching with a focus on mental health and relationship coaching. Why? Because my ethics are deeply rooted in scriptural teachings, not driven by politics or culture like some governing boards.

Coaching allows me to integrate my faith into my practice in a way that aligns perfectly with who I am. I have a profound respect for therapy and still incorporate many of its techniques into my coaching sessions. However, coaching gives me the freedom to approach mental health and relationships from a Christian perspective, guiding individuals based on biblical principles.

It's important to note that I'm not anti-therapy. In fact, I work closely with a network of Christian counselors whom I trust and refer clients to when necessary. I understand that each person's journey is unique, and there are times when counseling may be the best option for someone's well-being.

So, why coaching? Because it's more than just a profession to me—it's a calling. It's about walking alongside individuals on their faith-filled journey toward healing, growth, and transformation. If you're seeking support rooted in biblical wisdom and tailored to your unique needs, I'm here for you every step of the way.

Angela W Startz, MAHSC, CCLC

Mental Health Coach

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