Feel All the Feels – Then Resolve to Do what is Right Anyway

Updated: Sep 1

Part 3 in the Honoring God During Divorce series.

Navigating the divorce process without compounding the sinfulness of the situation is challenging but not impossible (Matt. 19:26). We have already discussed the importance of gathering your prayer warriors to intercede for you and any child(ren) involved (see Gather the Troops).

Extreme emotional reactions are to be expected. You may experience them as volatile, an avalanche of overwhelming feelings that you seemingly cannot escape, or numbness that robs you of all emotions, good or bad.

Emotions are God-given. They can provide critical pieces of information unavailable to your logical mind. They should not be suppressed nor given the power to determine your course of action. “He who has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls” (Pro. 25:28).

Now, let’s talk strategy for ruling over your spirit by keeping your emotions in check: seeking wise counsel and guarding your heart and mind.

There are two types of counsel necessary during a divorce.

  1. An excellent attorney who can and will execute their duties fearlessly while allowing you to maintain your integrity. In other words, if God leads you to do something that runs contrary to their advice, they will concede. Their goal is to win a court case; yours is to honor God, bringing lasting victory (