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Cloudy Mountain


We don't know how high we can fly until we are called to rise.

Mental Health & Relationship Coaching

Snow Capped Mountains

A complicated past does not have to compromise your future!

You can: Recover from trauma - Heal after a divorce - Restore relationships – Heal attachment wounds - Revitalize your marriage - Stay sober - Set biblical boundaries.

You can: Learn healthier coping strategies - Develop more effective communication skills - Rewire your thought processes to overcome the effects of fear, pain, and rejection.


I work with people who, like me, wake up one morning, look at the rubble of their life, and wonder, “How in the world did I get here? And how am I going to get out?” I help people get out the same way that I did. Day by day leveraging God-given strengths and gifts to overcome the obstacles in your path utilizing a coaching process that is solution-focused, forward-thinking, engaging, and provides accountability.

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