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Adulting 101 – Time Management

Updated: Mar 31

Time management is a foundational adulting skill upon which other skills rest. Successfully navigating one’s career, money management, relationships, self-care, and finding one’s purpose all require the time to address each task properly.

The temptation to rebel against rigorous schedules associated with school is enticing. However, unless you are independently wealthy, a schedule of some sort is required to maintain employment. The urge to wing it when it comes to your free time can be self-sabotaging if you have personal goals.

Cultivating a relationship takes time.

Maintaining friendships takes time.

Creating (and sticking to) a budget takes time.

Self-care, i.e., eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, takes time.

Exploring your purpose – finding meaning in your life takes time.

The good news is that you do not have to be available for everything every day. Prioritize and schedule accordingly. It is your life – your priorities and your time to devote to what is important to you.

Contact me for help discovering your priorities, creating boundaries to protect them, and a schedule to maintain them.

Angela W. Startz, MAHSC, CCLC

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